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Armless, Legless Farmer Redefines What’s Possible

Chris’s powerful courage is fueled by the acceptance that he has for himself, imagine if in our own lives, we could all do the same.

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The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

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Global Soap Project

Our goal is to ensure that once people receive soap, they have access to it for the rest of their lives.

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A Remarkable! Minute With John Maxwell

Listen as John Maxwell, best-selling author of more than 74 leadership books, with over 22 million copies sold discusses Remarkable!

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Lamon Luther

Born in 1930 in the foot hills of Randolph County, Alabama, Lamon Luther Wilson is a farmer, a mechanic and a carpenter. With his hands he provides for his family. During those days, working with your hands was a part of survival and economic stability. If the sun is up during the summer months, he is found in his garden. He shares his excess crops with his community, making sure everyone has the freshest produce. His hands are callused but you wouldn't know it on Sunday behind his perfectly pressed suit. Lamon Luther is a rugged gentleman.

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The Remarkable Movement

It’s quite simple really.

When you encounter something Remarkable! you have this irrepressible desire to share it with others. Sometimes its an act of heroism or a demonstration of compassion. It might be a business that defies convention or a group involved in social entrepreneurship. It might even be extraordinary perseverance in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, we want to find and affirm the Remarkable! We want to Create Value and Inspire Hope by challenging the world to live life and do business “on purpose, for a purpose and with purpose.”

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Remarkable Book


Business as usual will never be Remarkable!

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Remarkable Wristbands

Starting at $20

Remarkable Wristbands come in quantities from 10 to 500

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Remarkable Catalysts!

Gloria Southerland

Gloria Southerland has over 25 years of management consulting experience, primarily in the areas of leadership, talent development, performance and customer service.

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Randy Walton

A highly sought after speaker, consultant, and leadership expert, Randy Walton has been challenging the norms of business thought for over 20 years.

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Randy Ross

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! Randy is a “craftsman of culture and a catalytic coach,” who inspires elevated performance.

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