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Boy Collects 79 Coats For Homeless

Nate Dreyfus, a fourth grader, who was so moved by a random act of kindness, set his sights to accomplish something even bigger.

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News Anchor Gets Boy Adopted

Ke'onte was eight when News 8's Gloria Campos first featured him on their "Wednesday's Child" segment about orphaned kids. After a failed adoption attempt, now 14-year-old Ke'onte appears on live TV to thank Gloria for giving him a second chance.

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One Man Proves The Butterfly Effect

Chris Rosati is a man with ALS who first caught Steve Hartman’s attention by giving away donuts. He has gone on to have an effect on a much wider world stage, thanks to the acts of kindness he promotes. As Hartman finds out, Rosati has a lot to say on how to make the world a better place.

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The Remarkable Movement

It’s quite simple really.

When you encounter something Remarkable! you have this irrepressible desire to share it with others. Sometimes its an act of heroism or a demonstration of compassion. It might be a business that defies convention or a group involved in social entrepreneurship. It might even be extraordinary perseverance in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, we want to find and affirm the Remarkable! We want to Create Value and Inspire Hope by challenging the world to live life and do business “on purpose, for a purpose and with purpose.”

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Business as usual will never be Remarkable!

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Remarkable Catalysts!

David Salyers

Currently serving as the Vice President of National, Regional and Local Marketing for Chick- fil-A, Inc., David has invested his entire career as part of a team, committed to building the kind of company culture that people talk about!

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Gloria Southerland

Gloria Southerland has over 25 years of management consulting experience, primarily in the areas of leadership, talent development, performance and customer service.

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Randy Walton

A highly sought after speaker, consultant, and leadership expert, Randy Walton has been challenging the norms of business thought for over 20 years.

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