Remarkable is about inspiring people to do life and work “on purpose.” We want to generate a tidal wave of people who are tired of life and business as USUAL and who aspire to something better. We want to join forces with others who understand that Creating Value is about putting We over Me. Together, we can change our world for good. We invite you to join us! We want to become a repository of Remarkable! stories, where people can find hope and be encouraged to be a light in their corner of the world. Help us find and affirm the Remarkable!
Would you like for your organization to be affiliated with a movement that is changing the way business is done?  Then join us by telling your team members about the Remarkable Movement and together we can Create Value and Inspire Hope.
When you find someone or something truly Remarkable! then share it with us. Submit your story, video or picture to us. We will post those we feel are appropriate and inspirational.

It’s quite simple really. When you encounter something Remarkable! you have this irrepressible desire to share it with others. Sometimes its an act of heroism or a demonstration of compassion. It might be a business that defies convention or a group involved in social entrepreneurship.  It might even be extraordinary perseverance in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, we want to find and affirm the Remarkable! We want to Create Value and Inspire Hope by challenging the world to live life and do business “on purpose, for a purpose and with purpose.”

Join the movement and help us find and affirm the Remarkable!

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  • David Salyers

    David Salyers has been on quite a journey. Having graduated from college on a
 Saturday morning...
  • Dr. Randy Ross

    Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! Randy is a “craftsm...
  • Randy Walton

    A highly sought after speaker, consultant, and leadership expert, Randy Walton has been challen...

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Remarkable Awards!

The Remarkable! Awards were designed to affirm individuals and companies that are leaving a positive wake. They are touching and transforming lives both personally and professionally. Some are beacons of hope amidst adversity. Others are transformational leaders who are changing the world through social entrepreneurship. We are proud to tell the stories of these thought leaders and life-changers.

Rants and Raves!

  • I really like the features of CreateRemarkable and the JI!
    Isma Martinez
  • When the culture of an organization is right, people are motivated by factors far more powerful than money. Remarkable! will help you get the culture right.
    ANDY STANLEY - Author and Founder of North Point Ministries, Inc.
  • There is significant empirical evidence that a healthy corporate culture facilitates sustained organizational success. Remarkable! provides compelling insight as to how personal character development and a healthy corporate culture are inextricably linked.
    DAVE RIDLEY - Senior Vice President, Southwest Airlines
  • Infused with humor and a fascinating story line, this book sets forth principles of a value system that will ensure enduring success for any organization. It is a dramatic story that is both enjoyable and powerful. It is Remarkable!
    EARL T. LEONARD JR. - Senior Vice President (retired), The Coca-Cola Company and Distinguished Executive-in-Residence, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia
  • I make my living by studying culture and then sharing insights and observations that make people laugh. But, creating the culture of an organization is no laughing matter - people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. And yet, I think some of the same process applies. You must study the culture of your organization and then share insights and observations that inspire and motivate people. This book is filled with just such insights. If you study and apply them, well, then who knows, “you might be Remarkable
    JEFF FOXWORTHY - Author, actor, talk show host, comedian and friend of red-necks everywhere
  • Remarkable! is a clear and practical presentation of a transformational process guaranteed to change you personally and professionally. As you will read, it is up to you to take ownership and responsibility for the change you desire. Remarkable! shows you how to do just that.
    Kevin Edmonds - Senior Director of Talent, Performance & Development, The Kroger Company
  • Remarkable! takes competent scholarship, a wealth of practical experience, and solid good sense, and then adds an ingredient that is so often missing in most professional presentations—the ability to communicate in an interesting, intriguing, and engaging manner. It addresses topics and areas of essential concern to modern organizations in ways that leap beyond the sterile approaches so often seen today.
    Steve Byrum - Phd. President, Judgment Index & Past President, Robert S. Hartman Institute
  • This book is a virtual cornucopia of ideas that will help build a culture replete with enthusiasm, productivity and widespread self- assessment - all leading to very high levels of individual and collective performance.
    Stan Richards - Founder and Principal, The Richards Group
  • Remarkable! is onto the powerful idea of organizing our businesses and our lives around the pursuit of values. It is not enough to know the “what” and the “how.” If we understand and embrace the “why,” it changes everything.
    Dave Stockert - CEO, Post Properties
  • If fate has brought this book to your attention - you need to read it. My MBA professor once told me that the best professors don’t just teach you - they teach you how to think. Reading Remarkable! makes you feel like you’re a fly on the wall, listening to the most important conversation about life and business that you never heard.
    Rick Schirmer - Founder & CEO PartnersHub (former brand strategy executive, The Walt Disney Company)
  • Indeed, true transformation begins on the inside before it’s revealed on the outside. This book is a catalyst for personal and cultural transformation.
    Orrin Woodward - New York Times Best-Selling Author & Founder of LIFE Leadership Company