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A Tribute to S. Truett Cathy (1921-2014)

He was the inventor of the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, but known for so much more. For more information visit

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CNN Hero Removes 7 Million Pounds of Trash From U.S. Rivers

Nearly 70,000 volunteers have helped CNN Hero Chad Pregracke remove millions of pounds of garbage from U.S. rivers.

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The Good Spread Story

In the Fall of 2011, a 1971 Winnebago caught fire and burned to the ground. What appeared to be broken dreams and a pile of ashes turned out to be destiny.

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The Remarkable Movement

It’s quite simple really.

When you encounter something Remarkable! you have this irrepressible desire to share it with others. Sometimes its an act of heroism or a demonstration of compassion. It might be a business that defies convention or a group involved in social entrepreneurship. It might even be extraordinary perseverance in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, we want to find and affirm the Remarkable! We want to Create Value and Inspire Hope by challenging the world to live life and do business “on purpose, for a purpose and with purpose.”

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Roadmap to Remarkable!


This ROADMAP will guide you through the processes and decisions necessary to become truly Remarkable!

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Remarkable Book


Business as usual will never be Remarkable!

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Remarkable Catalysts!

Gloria Southerland

Gloria Southerland has over 25 years of management consulting experience, primarily in the areas of leadership, talent development, performance and customer service.

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Randy Walton

A highly sought after speaker, consultant, and leadership expert, Randy Walton has been challenging the norms of business thought for over 20 years.

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Randy Ross

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! Randy is a “craftsman of culture and a catalytic coach,” who inspires elevated performance.

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